Best Industry Transition Articles Of The Week For PhDs (October 2nd, 2016)

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Best Industry Transition Articles For PhDs June 20 2015

Every week we scour the Internet to find the best industry transition articles for PhDs, so you don’t have to.

We have two consultants independently search for the most informative articles on networking, CVs/resumes, transferable skills, interviews, academic blues, and industry positions.

Our consultants vote on a top article for each category and for a top overall article each week. This week’s best articles are…

Top Overall

*3 Things You Should Know About The Robots Reading Your Resume, But Don’t* – James Hu


TOP How To Introduce Yourself When Networking OnlineJ.T. O’Donell

60 Seconds Of Networking Advice Rosa Elizabeth Vargas

How To Talk Politics At Work Without Alienating People David Maxfield, Joseph Grenny, Candace Bertotti and Chase McMillan

How To Make A Great First Impression Rebecca Knight


TOP 3 Things You Should Know About The Robots Reading Your Resume, But Don’t James Hu

4 Things To Add To Your ‘Top 10’ Accomplishments List Tracey Parsons

Cover Letters: 4 Tips To Help You Win The Job Simon Perez

4 Steps To Writing A Disruptive Cover Letter Virginia Franco


TOP Inside the Biotech Employer’s Head: Job Interview Questions That You Should Be Ready To Answer Mark Terry

5 Tips For Choosing What To Wear To An Interview M.A. Smith

The Only 7 Steps You Need To Prepare For Your Next Job Interview Dominique Rodgers

The 1 Surprising Question That Impresses A CEO The Most Chris Matyszczyk

Transferable Skills

TOP This Is How To Be More Assertive: 3 Powerful Secrets From Research Eric Barker

You Should Be Building Your Personal Brand Cheyenne Bostock

Work Abroad: Visa To Visit  Barbara Rodriguez

6 Rules For Effective Feedback Phil La Duke

Academic Blues

TOP 10 Truths A PhD Supervisor Will Never Tell You Tara Brabazon

Alternatives To Professorship In Academia Alaina G Levine

View From An ‘Essay Mill’: The Best Offer Legitimate Support For Struggling Students Daniel Dennehy

Are Backup Career Plans Worth It? Natalie Lundsteen

Industry Positions

TOP 3 Easy Ways To Get Started On A Potential Job Search Donna Serdula

7 Reasons You Should Choose Technology Transfer As Your Next CareerDipanjan Nag

Job Search Strategies To Get You Hired This Fall Season James Hu

Startups Are the Best Place for Women in Business Allison Gage

Business Acumen

TOP Here’s What It Takes For Your Company’s Culture To Survive An Acquisition Barry S. Saltzman

The Most Meaningful Content Marketing Trends and How They Will Influence 2017: Part 1 John Hall

Soft Skills Are Increasingly Crucial To Getting Your Dream Job Guy Berger, Ph.D.

3 Ways To Conduct Critical Company Research Virginia Franco

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