Hillary Clinton confronts the past in South Carolina ‘corridor of shame’

Clinton is promising a partnership with officials that would provide investment to ‘lift up’ impoverished parts of the state – a plan warmly met by voters

Eight years ago, the man who would go on to be the first black president came to this decrepit school in rural black South Carolina with a promise to change things. He did. The 1896 building he visited, where the elevators didn’t work, the heating was inadequate and a roofs leaked, has been donated to the local historical society, and a slick new junior high school of gleaming brick has been built five minutes down the road. Better teachers and test scores followed, but the work statewide is far from finished.


If Hillary Clinton is sworn into office next January, her path to the White House will have run through the so-called “corridor of shame”, a stretch of impoverished, largely black school districts running along Interstate 95. The school Barack Obama visited in 2008, JV Martin junior high school, is but one. As she vies with Bernie Sanders for minority voters, Clinton has put the strife of such poor minority communities front and center in her campaign, speaking with civil rights leaders, meeting with younger activists and visiting Flint, Michigan, in the wake of the predominantly black city’s water crisis.

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