Best Industry Transition Articles Of The Week For PhDs (February 28th, 2016)

Best Industry Transition Articles For PhDs June 20 2015


Every week we scour the Internet to find the best industry transition articles for PhDs, so you don’t have to.


We have two consultants independently search for the most informative articles on networking, CVs/resumes, transferable skills, interviews, academic blues, and industry positions.


Our consultants vote on a top article for each category and for a top overall article each week. This week’s best articles are…


Top Overall


*Workload Survival Guide For Academics* – Camilla Mørk Røstvik




TOP 6 Networking Questions To Find The Best Employers – Jack Leeming


5 Easy Ways To Network If You Don’t Have Any Work Experience – Brian Witte


The Super Obvious Networking Opportunity You May Be Overlooking  – Abby Wolfe


The Importance Of Networking (And How To Do It Well) – Maria Rodale




TOP ‘Results-Driven Thought Leader’ – The Top CV Cliches To Avoid – Andrew Fennell


This Fortune 500 HR Exec Wants You To Stop Making Boring Resumes – Laura Rock


How To Impress A Recruiter With Your Resume/CV  – Susie Timlin


5 Things The People Reading Your Resume Wish You Knew – Lily Zhang




TOP Job Interviews: Prepare For Success From Failure – Jack Leeming


12 Interview Moves That’ll Lose You The Job Faster Than You Can Send A Thank You Note – Young Entrepreneur Council


Asking The Right Questions – Barney Ely


These Are The Biggest Mistakes People Make During Interviews – Lydia Dishman


Transferable Skills


TOP 7 Little Known PowerPoint Tricks You Wish You Knew Sooner  – Lindsay Kolowich


4 Mentalities That Are Killing Your Career – J.T. O’Donell


Giving a Presentation? Three Ways To Leave Your Fingerprint – Jack Welch


A Bridge To Business – Peter Fiske


Academic Blues


TOP Workload Survival Guide For Academics – Camilla Mørk Røstvik


Permission Given – Athene Donald


5 Tips On Getting Your 1st Journal Paper Published – Salma Patel


Writing Your PhD Dissertation – Jason Karp


Industry Positions


TOP Learn The Right Lesson – What Being A PhD Scientist Has Allowed Me To Do In The Startup Space – Calum Forsyth


Sustainable Seafood Entrepreneurs Share Their Tips For Success – John Tibbetts


How “Over-Branding” Can Cost You The Job – J.T. O’Donnell


Why You Should Job Hunt Even If You’re Not In The Market Sara McCord


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